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Justice League of America No. 14

Published by DC Comics. Plot and script by Dwayne McDuffie. Pencils by Ed Benes. Inks by Sandra Hope.

The Deal: Dwayne McDuffie is still writing Justice League of America and he's currently immersed the team in a fight against the Injustice League.

The Good: McDuffie's dialogue is quite snappy this issue; he's peppered everyone's statements with cute zingers like: "Your big plan is to piss Superman off?" And it's cool that McDuffie is incorporating elements from the old Super Friends cartoon into this comic. In fact, the entire story arc is a throwback to bygone days (including Luthor's old-school costume), but in a good way. Checking in on the art, Ed Benes is definitely improving his figure drawing and storytelling skills. A few issues ago, when Brad Metzler was writing the book, I had a hard time following the action from panel to panel. But the action flows pretty logically this month. I wonder how much of that is due to the fact the McDuffie is a more experienced comic book writer.

The Bad: Once you get used to reading comic books that are laced with double meaning and thematic undercurrents, it's kind of strange to read a comic that's just about folks in costumes fighting each other. I guess that approach to comic writing can either be viewed as refreshing or incredibly boring. This comic comes across as a little of both. Oh, and the cover is just damn ugly.

The Verdict: I'm liking the Justice League these days. It's a fun throwback to the good old days -- without coming across as corny. Just don't expect some deep, thematic meaning behind the story; it's just spandex and fighting.

Marvel Zombies 2 No. 2

Published by Marvel Comics. Plot and script by Robert Kirkman. Pencils by Sean Phillips. Inks by June Chung.

The Deal: Marvel Zombies 2 keeps on shuffling with the second issue of the five-issue limited series. This month, the zombies head back to Earth while the remaining humans start fighting each other.

The Good: Hey, I love Marvel Zombies. Shoot, I love zombies in general. And I love Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips, so I'm pretty much in hog heaven. This issue, Kirkman keeps pouring on the humor and the horror that make this book an enjoyable read; he also even delves deeper into the zombies' psyches (what little is left), analyzing their last vestiges of morality. Regarding Phillips' gritty art -- it's horrific as ever. Overall, there ain't much to dislike about this book.

The Bad: Well, there is one thing I don't like about this issue: It's a bit slow. I'm used to the Zombie books being pretty short on exposition and long on violence. This month, we get the opposite and the heavy use of dialogue slows things down a bit. I'm not ashamed to say I like this book better when folks are being disemboweled and such. Call me romantic.

The Verdict: Me likey. Marvel Zombies 2 No. 2 is another chapter in the twisted adventures of everyone's favorite flesh-eating monstrosities and the latest issue continues presenting the horror and the humor that make this title a fun read.

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