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Marvel Zombies 2 No. 1, Green Lantern No. 24



Marvel Zombies 2 No. 1

Published by Marvel Comics. Plot and script by Robert Kirkman. Pencils by Sean Phillips. Inks by June Chung.

The Deal: In an alternate universe, most of the Marvel heroes you know and love have been transformed into flesh-eating Zombies. Yeah ... that's about it. This series picks up where the last limited series left off. I don't want to spoil it for you, so that's all I'm going to say.

The Good: The thing I like most about Kirkman's approach to writing Marvel Zombies is his ability to balance humor with horror; he does both equally well. I mean, one moment Spider-Man is cracking a tasteless joke and the next moment a character you care about is having his intestines ripped out by a zombie. I guess this is a trick Kirkman learned from writing The Walking Dead for so long: He makes you care about people and then feeds them to the monsters. Yeah, Kirkman is a real dirty bastard. Regarding the art ... hey, I like Sean Phillips. Some folks hate the guy's work, and honestly, he does draw some ugly-looking folks. He's definitely not using porn and muscle magazines as reference material. But those ugly figures work -- especially in a comic book that stars a crew of rotting corpses.

The Bad: Sometimes this book does get a little too silly. But that's Kirkman for you. Get used to it.

The Verdict: Marvel Zombies is a tasty treat. Get it? Tasty treat? OK, OK ... that was corny. But buy the book.

Green Lantern No. 24

Published by DC Comics. Plot and script by Geoff Johns. Pencils by Ivan Reis. Inks by Oclair Albert and Julio Ferreira.

The Deal: Look -- it's the latest issue of Green Lantern and the latest chapter of the Sinestro Corps War. Haven't been keeping up? Well, Hal Jordan's longtime foe Sinestro has created his own group of ring-wielding folks. But instead of spreading justice like the Green Lantern Corps, the Sinestro Corps is designed to spread fear. The corps is made up of numerous scary folks from across the galaxy -- and you will definitely recognize a few of these evildoers. This issue also guest stars the Justice League, the Justice Society and a bunch of other heroes.

The Good: Screw all those other DC crossovers and big-time storylines -- The Sinestro Corps is the best epic going on at DC. And what makes it so good? The villains. Writer Geoff Johns has assembled the most hardcore crew of badass villains I've ever seen in the DCU -- and he's given them a common goal. The Sinestro Corps is the type of evil team that makes you wonder how the heroes will actually win. And, really, it's about damn time. The Green Lantern's ring is the most powerful weapon in the universe and Johns has finally given it an equally powerful opposite number. I hope the powers that be at DC take heed to the quality of this storyline and start mass producing this type of comic book crossover. On the art side of things, Ivan Reis is at the tip-top of his game. Figure drawing, storytelling, action shots, design work -- this dude is good at everything. I just hope he doesn't get hired to pencil, like, Ultimate X-Men or something. I'd love to see him rebuild a name on a book like Green Lantern ... a book that's never really been a big seller.

The Bad: Nothing bad to say. I only hope that when this story is over, the Sinestro Corps is left intact. The group makes a great bunch of villains.

The Verdict: Go buy it. Hurry.

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