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Comic book review: Uncanny X-Men No. 516



Uncanny X-Men No. 516

Written by Matt Fraction. Pencils by Greg Land. Inks by Jay Leisten.

The Deal: Writer Matt Fraction (a former Charlottean) continues his reign as "Head X-Writer in Charge" over on Uncanny X-Men. This issue sees the long-teased return of the classic X-villain Magneto -- but is he a threat?

The Bad: OK, I am officially not digging what Fraction is doing in Uncanny X-Men. The dialogue is snappy, but the situations seem so ... familiar. Worse yet, some of the events in this issue seem to negate recent character developments. Take Professor Xavier, for example; he went through all that shit in X-Men: Legacy a few months ago, and now he seems like he's back to being an asshole -- as if he learned nothing from all his recent trials and tribulations. And Magneto somehow got the High Evolutionary to reverse the House of M stuff, which effectively ended mutantkind in the Marvel Universe ... but just for him? Maybe there'll be more to that story, but so far it seems to go against everything that was in the "Endangered Species" story line.

The Good: Greg Land's art sure is pretty. Yeah, he often falls apart when it comes to storytelling, but his illustrations are so strong, he can get away with flubbing some fundamentals here and there.

The Verdict: I'm just not feeling the general direction of the book.

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