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Comic book review: Justice League of America No. 38



Justice League of America No. 38

Published by DC Comics. Written by James Robinson. Pencils by Mark Bagley. Inks by Rob Hunter.

The Deal: Writer James Robinson and artist Mark Bagley begin their stint on the Justice League, which stars a rather sparse-looking team that's fronted by the injured heroine Vixen.

The Good: This issue is exciting enough -- featuring a big (and slightly out-of-nowhere) fight with an old-school JLA villain. The dialogue is little better than Robinson's work in Cry For Justice, and Bagley's art is kinetic as ever (Rob Hunter's inks add a touch of flash to Bagley's sometimes middle-of-the-road illustrations).

The Bad: With a story that makes reference to two DC limited series, this issue feels sort of like the bastard child of two comic book crossovers.

The Verdict: Honestly, I'm just waiting to see the team's new lineup, which they'll unveil in a few issues.

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