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Comic book review: Grimjack: The Manx Cat No. 1



Grimjack: The Manx Cat No. 1

Published by IDW. Written by John Ostrander. Art by Timothy Truman.

The Deal: Writer John Ostrander and artist Timothy Truman bring back the space-faring pirate they created in the 1980s -- Grimjack -- for a brand-new adventure at a brand-new publishing house.

The Good: When reviving old characters, many creators make the mistake of assuming that people are familiar with their creation. And that assumption often leads to confusion ... and lackluster stories. Luckily, Ostrander and Truman don't fall into that trap; this first issue gives you everything you need to know about the rogue hero. And even more than that, they explain things in a way that shows why Grimjack is a cool character and his universe is worth visiting again. Story-wise, Ostrander keeps things simple (it's a basic chase-down-the-relic-type adventure), but foreshadows a ton of plot twists to come. Truman's art is rich, gritty (befitting the tone of the comic) and filled with great details. And, while we're talking about the art, let me take the time to say that the colors in this comic are especially fantastic; the bright, crisp hues on the page breathe even more life into the resuscitated world of Grimjack.

The Bad: The thought that this may be a one-off limited series.

The Verdict: Good stuff. How about an ongoing monthly series starring Grimjack?

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