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COMEDY: Mitch Fatel

Tuesday, Sept. 21



Mitch Fatel may have the power to make folks laugh, but that by no means makes him a wizard. This New York comedians only magic seems to spring from a combination of his boy-like wonder and a perverted obsession over sex and women's breasts. Disturbing, right? His most recent Comedy Central DVD, titled Live, Extended and Uncensored: Mitch Fatel is Magical, features cover art of himself holding a wand that appears to be making a woman float in the air, as her dress slowly rises upwards to her dismay. His prior CD releases, include 2004's Miniskirts and Muffins and 2005's Super Retardo. You can see him perform live at Lake Norman Comedy Zone tonight. $20. 8 p.m. Galway Hooker, 17044 Kenton Drive, Cornelius. 704-621-6373.


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