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Do not panic -- there's not going to be a Partridge Family reunion right this instant. But, if there were (truthfully) would you tune in? Fortunately, the Schlossers are an update on the ol' singing family idea. Billy and Lisa Schlosser met while appearing on Star Search. In the mid-1990s, the couple left music for the corporate world. Frequently separated from his family for the next seven years, Billy decided the last straw was being trapped away from his loved ones in Boston after 9/11. Enter Laughing Pizza, a real family musical band with a unique concept of family entertainment. The name Laughing Pizza comes from the notion that everybody loves laughing and everybody loves pizza -- and they're both best when shared, just like the music from the band. Check out Lisa, Billy and their young daughter, Emily, Saturday, Feb. 25 at the Comedy Zone Uptown. For more details visit or call 704-348-4242.


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