When you have friends in town, what do you do? If you gave the all-too-common answer, "Head to Asheville or the beach," shame on you. It might take a little effort, but there is stuff to do in Charlotte. In fact, there are entire days worth of things to do here in the NASCAR/banking/New South capital of the world. And most of them have nothing to do with any of the three things just listed.

Climb aboard, then, as Creative Loafing takes you on a variety of tours of your own blessed city. We solicited advice from a panel of experts (a.k.a. other residents) to compile a Summer Guide of Charlotte itineraries, providing guidance to those who've lived here 20 years as well as those who just moved to town last week.

We'd be remiss if we didn't thank the "professional tourists" who posed for the pictures. Charlotte actors Scott Helms and Claire Whitworth-Helms were more than happy to take a vacation in their own city — and we have the snapshots to prove it.

Kick back and get ready for summer — Destination Charlotte has arrived!

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