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John Hammond Blues legend Hammond has been plucking the guitar for more than four decades. His encyclopedic output of American blues and folk are revealed in his live gigs with an acoustic, or electric, guitar cradled like a third arm with the harmonica wrapped around his neck adding accents. Hammond's road-hardened voice breathes life into country blues to roadhouse blues. His most recent recording, Push Comes to Shove, shows he hasn't slowed down a bit. Evening Muse (Samir Shukla)


Mark Lassiter Band No fancy tricks here. Lassiter's nicely written pop songs jump out of the boombox toned with guitars, piano touches and a tightly woven rhythm section. The North Carolinian writes acoustically-tinged songs the old-fashioned way – wrapped in melody, stuffed with rhythm and sung with sweet vocals and chorus. With Fat Cabbage. Visulite (Shukla)

Shwayze The 22-year-old rapper hit the mainstream with his debut album featuring Cisco Adler, who is probably best known for a "ballsy" photo that circulated the Internet and left everyone that saw it scarred for life. The duo has starred in an MTV series, Buzzin', and were a part of the most recent Vans Warped Tour. It's laid back acoustic hip-hop that is likely to win over the Sublime set. With Laze & Royal. Tremont (Hahne)


Raphael Saadiq Saadiq's here as part of The Sol Kitchen Music Series, and his brand new album, The Way I See It, suggests the former member of the platinum R&B trio Tony, Toni, Tone member has, as that group sang, indeed "done it again." From the red-lensed, Motown-fonted cover, to the appearance from former Hitsville, USA house drummer Jack Ashford, The Way I See It is about as old soul (in the spiritual sense) as neo-soul gets. Bring yer hankies. Amos' Southend (Timothy C. Davis)

The Sea of Cortez With a week-long stint at Mitch Easter's Fidelitorium last spring, the instrumental-octet laid down basic tracks for their official debut and have been in the tweaking process on-and-off since then. Built around a four-guitar lineup (including lap and pedal steel), keys, vibes, accordion and two percussionists and bass, SoC songs surge and ebb with south-of-the-border flavors and Gypsy waltzes, occasionally igniting into maelstroms of sonic mayhem. It's dramatic and soundtrack-worthy music from some of Charlotte's best musicians. With The Old Ceremony and Lindsey Horne. Visulite. (John Schacht)


Phil Lesh and Friends I sometimes think seeing a member of the Dead family is akin to what folk say about sports like soccer and hockey. You can appreciate them in perfectly-portioned, as-product form on your television, but to be best enjoyed, you need to be there to experience everything firsthand – the sleight-of-hand, seat-of-the-pants improvisation; the interaction between players; and the interaction between the players and those who are there to watch them. And if you want to see Dead people, the suitably-sweatbanded Phillip Chapman Lesh is yer man. There's an old Deadhead truism that goes, "If Phil's on, the band's on." Also, keep an eye out for Phriend Jackie Greene, an up-and-coming singer songwriter with a mass of unruly bangs and a penchant for petulant Americana that recalls Ryan Adams (another Phil fan). With The Allman Brothers Band. Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Davis)

The Allman Brothers Band If Phil Lesh isn't a reason to check out this concert, then the headliner should be. If you aren't familiar with the Allmans, that's the first reason you should be at this show. The second reason – great Southern rock sparked on by the incredible dueling guitar talent of Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes, but that's not to overshadow any of the rest of the boys. Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Hahne)


Chrome/Helios Creed Guitar god Helios Creed's creepy guitar manipulations, drones, distortions, psychedelic blasts and layers of sounds have influenced a long list of musicians. He joined San Francisco's industrial-punk-acid rock band Chrome in 1977 and has since worked with the band as well as solo while guesting with umpteen indie and alterna rockers and noisemakers. Highly recommended. The Smoking Rocks and Clang Quartet. Milestone (Shukla)

Luna Halo Nashville alterna rock band's got the looks and the chops, and, though not groundbreaking, they can write catchy as heck tunes to boot. Former North Carolinian Nathan Barlowe leads the band's melodic rock with a punky edge. The moody dual guitars, rife with the aforementioned chops, are ready for radio hitland. Also on the bill: Run Run Run and Brandon Kirkley & the Firecrackers. Tremont (Shukla)

Ashes Divide The former songwriter for A Perfect Circle may have "dropped the Maynard," but his talents still rock on. And while the Tool frontman may be missing, that's not to say that Billy Howerdel isn't proving that he can stand on his own. His comfort as a frontman is continually growing and he should be in great form by the time this show rolls around. Opening for Seether. Amos' Southend (Hahne)

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