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Harptallica Yes. You read the name correctly. There are two women. They play Metallica tunes on harps. You know, the type of harps that are bigger than the performers are. Just another novelty act? Maybe. But they're darn good at it. After listening to "Master of Puppets" and "Enter Sandman" on harps, the musical possibilities seem boundless. With Torche, ASG and Capsule. Milestone (Shukla)


Snatches of Pink Guitarist and frontman Michael Rank has led this garage and ragged Stonesy rock posse since the late '80s. The Chapel Hill-based band still rocks your ass and if there's any musical justice in this world, the Rolling Stones will open for them one fine evening. SOP's latest recording Love is Dead hit the streets two decades after their debut, but Rank's work hasn't lost a bit of urgency. With Babyshaker and Bullcity. Snug Harbor (Shukla)

Blue Mother Tupelo It's a family affair tonight. The hubby and wife duo Micol and Ricky Davis play hill country blues mixed with acoustic rock. Micol's sensual, yet warm delivery wraps around Ricky's guitar work. The slide guitar is especially fluid on the couple's self-titled debut disc. Also on the bill are the sister duo Tiffani and Brit, aka the Ginn Sisters. Their harmony-laced acoustic folk and bluegrass are tempered with a pop flair. Evening Muse (Shukla)

Q-TIP His new album, The Renaissance, won't hit stores until early next year, but that doesn't mean the A Tribe Called Quest singer can't preview it. After all, he's a busy man. He's got a song with Talib Kweli on the new NBA 2K8 game that hits stores on Oct. 2 (he's also a playable character). VH1 is set to pay tribute to A Tribe Called Quest on Oct. 8 at the Hip Hop Honors. And as Phife would testify, he's always on point. Opening for Common on the 2K Sports Bounce Tour. Amos' Southend (Hahne)

Van Halen Diamond Dave is back with Eddie and Alex Van Halen (and, er, Eddie's 16-year-old son, Wolfgang) in tow, and they're kicking off their 2007-2008 tour -- their first in some 20 years -- right here in the Queen City. Dave's voice -- along with his hair -- ain't what it used to be, but 50 percent of DLR beats a full-strength Red Rocker any day. Worth a look, if only because this reconciled relationship might already be on the rocks -- but surely they'll get one show in ... right? With Ky-Mani Marley. Charlotte Bobcats Arena (Davis)


Lee Roy Parnell With a little bit of country soul, honky tonkin' boogie and Texas swing, Parnell hit the charts in the early 90s but has been cranking out rootsy releases in indie land for the past decade. His Texas roots-music is a mix of hardcore honky tonk, barroom rock, blues, boogie, Western swing, and even soul. His most recent effort is last year's Back to the Well. Charlotte's own Part-Time Blues Band will warm up the crowd. Neighborhood Theatre (Shukla)

Henry Rollins Spoken Word Hank's put out close to 20 spoken word records, dwarfing his solo musical output. Fear not, however -- Rollins' songwriting consisted mainly of straightforward, politically- and socially-charged missives anyway, and it's a hell of a lot easier to put a little touring change in your pocket carting one mic around with you than a full band any day of the week. Think of it as something of an author reading for folks not always comfortable in a bookstore. Think of it as a chance to chat with an indie icon aging gracefully. No matter what you do -- and Rollins would probably agree -- just think. Amos' Southend (Davis)

U.S.S.A. Featuring bassist/programmer Paul Barker of Ministry/Revolting Cocks fame, and guitarist/songwriter and Jesus Lizard stalwart Duane Denison, U.S.S.A. may be a bit more sedate than their previous incarnations, but don't expect a chill-out ambient session either. With riffs so thick they're palpable, this sludgy concoction lands somewhere between Screaming Trees and Tool. Touring behind their recent debut, The Spoils. With Year Long Disaster and Calabi Yau. Milestone (Schacht)


Tyler Ramsey One of the ubiquitous members of Asheville's thriving music scene, Ramsey crafts gorgeous minor-key vignettes built on his Fahey-inspired acoustic finger-picking. His upcoming latest, A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea, fleshes out his sound some, but the Red House Painters-meet-Damien Jurado vibe is intact and just as gently intoxicating. With Jennie Stearns and the Believers at the early show. Evening Muse (Schacht)


Aiden Seattle's screamo goth-punk quintet are touring in support of the new disc Conviction, which is more accessible and toned down on the goth theatrics than previous works. Frontman WiL Francis has potent pipes and uses them to meld melancholy and exuberance with equal, um, conviction. The dual guitars don't pummel but coax the listener along. Tremont (Shukla)

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