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Angwish, Gold Streets, more


Wednesday, Aug. 15

Two Gallants San Fran duo Two Gallants took their name from a story of the same name by James Joyce, but are perhaps best known in the indie world because of a 2006 show in Houston, wherein, after investigating a noise complaint (and finding the aforementioned two still playing), the police went all Rodney King on their asses. Which is a shame, as these Saddle Creekers do a fine job of playing the Delta-by-way-of-Delta Airlines blues, chockablock with fingerpicked guitar, small-kit drumming, and an unjustly-pissed-upon Southern Gothic lyricism that at least the equal of unjustly celebrated author Tom Franklin. With Against Me! and Anthem. Amos' Southend (Davis)

Friday, Aug. 17

Riverboat Gamblers This Austin punk quintet's up yer ears lyrics and faster and louder rock ditties are plentiful enough to fill entire slabs of discs. You can't go too wrong with tunes like "Don't Bury Me (I'm Not Dead Yet)," oft loaded with twists and turns of their hooks-laden, Texas-toasted, three-chord barrage. Valient Thorr, Totimoshi and ASG are also part of this Volcom Tour. Tremont Music Hall (Shukla)

Saturday, Aug. 18

Buffalo Creek String Band Taking cues from the Carter Family, old-time fiddle music, vintage country tunes and an obvious love of American roots music, North Carolina's Buffalo Creek String Band are releasing their warm new recording Weary Woman Blues. The disc is filled with loving covers of Hank Sr. and others that are caressed with harmonized female vocals. And some sashaying instrumentals round things out. Opening for Charlotte's Cajun ensemble Carolina Gator Gumbo. Both bands are celebrating new releases tonight. The Evening Muse (Shukla)

Angwish The Charlotte-based power-pop trio are releasing their most rocking recording to date, Calamity, this evening. They've always lingered in the Pixies and Nirvana fields, but the youngsters are fully capable of penning polished originals. This release party also features 25 Minutes to Go and Black Lagoon. Milestone (Shukla)

Gold Streets Part of a "New York City and Back" theme night, Gold Streets cite The Velvet Underground in their influences, but if I were Lou Reed I'd see about a court injunction to get them to stop. Gold Streets obliterates any notions of VU-nuance or dynamism under a glossy sheen of histrionic guitar layers, sounding like yet another Brit post-punk redux band with a bit of Kevin Shields distortion thrown in to "street" shit up. Let's hope the other bands, DJs, spoken word and artists also doing their thing this night provide something more original. Opening for Red Limo (back from their NYC sojourn) and Man In Gray. Snug Harbor (Schacht)

U-Melt Young bucks U-Melt sound something like a baby Phish -- a minnow, if you will. Comprised of equal parts high-minded, Panic-y keyboard rolls and cleanly picked, Anastasio-style guitar, the band's latest, the unfortunately named The I's Mind, is a pretty good introduction to the band's meat-and-pot(atoes) sound. Like many such acts, however, live is where they thrive. Bring your dancin' shoes and plenty of folding money, though -- U-Melt shows are known to melt curfew clocks, Sal Dali-like. With Incognito Mosquito and Slang. Visulite (Davis)

Sunday, Aug. 19

Hendrix Tribute Show  A concert will be held as a tribute to the life of Christiana Hendrix at MM&R Custom Bike Shop beginning at 5 p.m. Hendrix, 33, was killed in a motorcycle accident on July 20. She was the wife of Belmont Playboys singer/guitarist Mike Hendrix. Participating bands include David Childers, Drat and The Aqualads. The bike shop, otherwise known as "Goose's Place," is located at 1318 Central Ave. Tickets will be $10 with proceeds going to the Hendrix family. (Hahne)


Monday, Aug. 20

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit One of the former frontmen for N.C.'s southern rock combo Drive-By Truckers, Isbell will showcase his solo writing off the recent release, Sirens of the Ditch. Isbell has honed his songcraft over the years and benefits from a strap back-up of country slide, jazzy drumming, bluesy rhythm and just plain rocking. With Centro-matic. Amos' Southend (Shukla)

Centro-Matic Now into their second decade, these prolific Denton, Texas natives are one of rock's best-kept secrets, but perennial favorites of anyone they accompany on tour. They've morphed from their early Guided By Voices lo-fi to anthemic rock for the indie set, though there's a kernel of twang in there which sometimes gets them lumped into the alt-country bin (singer Will Johnson's more laid-back side project, South San Gabriel, uses some pedal steel). But records like last year's excellent Fort Recovery are chockfull of beautiful-loser rock -- both the loud and the gentle variety -- as evocative and healing as any since the Replacements. Amos' Southend (Schacht)

Tuesday, Aug. 21

The Trews A funky rock band from the Canadian borderlands, the Trews' write reliably melodic ditties that rock as much as they groove. The boys aren't shy about borrowing riffs from rock's hallowed eras, but add a few cool ones of their own to etch out a string of sing-along rockers. Their latest recording is Den of Thieves. With No More Kings. Visulite (Shukla)

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