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Big Lazy, Big Mamma's House of Burlesque, more



NAKED GODS Boone's Naked Gods' new E.P., It Ain't Just Cold Outside, is a dandy sampler of their twangy, down-to-earth country rock. With a bit of fine tuning, this fairly new outfit has the chops to turn heads in the region and beyond. Also on the bill: Stone Figs, Hymns and Sean Walsh & the National Reserve. Evening Muse (Shukla)

ILAD This Richmond quartet is touring behind a strong sophomore effort, National Flags, which was recorded in the SOMA studios of Tortoise's John McEntire. That's a fitting setting for the band's mix of hypnotic drone, Sea & Cake jazz rock, and buzzing electronic effects -- which they combine into driving tempos or free-form breakdowns from song to song as the mood strikes. With Raised By Wolves. Snug Harbor (Schacht)


BIG LAZY Could this be jazz for the oppressed masses? NYC's instrumental trio Big Lazy is an eclectic rock, jazz and sound exploration combo. Their music hovers somewhere above Tortoise and Dirty Three, albeit with a sound that's completely lazy and quixotic. Their records can be placed in films as scores or employed as cathartic noise release. With Ben Gelnett. Milestone (Shukla)


BANDAZIAN Bandazian build their songs one brick at a time. They take their time with a slow motion approach, building the intensity while each part permeates the senses. The whole muse works pretty well. Call it rock for mountain-lurking intellectuals. Bullship is also on the bill. Snug Harbor (Shukla)

REBA RUSSELL Blues belter Russell's recent work promises a steaming night of blues. She's a former Memphis-based back-up singer who started her career backing up Jimmy Thackery, Johnny Cash, U2 and many others. On this tour she's working the juke joints in support of her new disc, Rewound. Double Door Inn (Shukla)


BIG MAMMAS HOUSE OF BURLESQUE Offering up classic burlesque along with vaudeville and variety show-type acts, the Summer Stupendum is sure to entertain. Along with Charlotte's own Big Mamma D and Tits McGee, the show will feature Hannibal the Magician, Sideshow Bennie, Miss Lolly Pop, Monique Honeybush, the Fettucini Brothers jugglers and others. Don't forget about the music by QC DJ Scott Weaver and country/rockabilly crooner Hickry Hawkins. (Hahne)

SAM BUSH Sam sure can play the man-do-lin, but man, do these bluegrass guys stretch themselves thin or what? The man's played with New Grass Revival, Bela Fleck, and Emmylou Harris, to name a few, but his most satisfying work to these ears is with his own Sam Bush Band, a sort of New-New Grass Revival. Sam always shows up to a session ready to pick, however, and tonight's show ought not to be any different -- along with David Grisman, Sammy's perhaps the best mandolinist in popular music today. Amos' SouthEnd (Davis)

TYLER RAMSEY Ramsey, an Asheville native, has a mountain primitive guitar style reminiscent of minimalists like John Fahey (if updated a la an Alan Licht or -- personal favorite -- Loren Connors), but he shines brightest on the country blues numbers, which, as the crow flies, don't reside that far away from the Piedmont style as preached by the Rev. Gary Davis and Co. He's met his (perfect) match here with Charlotte's own The Houstons, another act who knows it's as much what you leave out as leave in, long as you have something worth leaving in the first place. Snug Harbor (Davis)


GASOLINE HEART Named after a Paul Westerberg lyric, this Florida quintet plays slightly off-kilter rock. They write potent ditties that approach dissonance but step back into harmony-laced grooves. Don't be afraid to sing-along. With Kirkley, Robert Hardy & The Hardy Boys, Adam and Dave's Bloodline and Scattered Rivalry. Tremont Music hall (Shukla)


THE GOURDS These Austin stalwarts have been making their self-described "music for the unwashed and well-read" for over a decade now. They've blended southern rock, Tex-Mex, soul, Zydeco, blues, bluegrass, old school country and whatever else is layin' around to emerge as Texas' sun-(and herb)-baked answer to the Band -- as filtered through Spike Jones, James Brown, early Springsteen, and, say, the Buzzcocks. That's the "unwashed" part; the "well-read" element includes allusions to Sufism, Black Adder, Spanish poetry, various controlled substances and foods, archetypal psychology, the NFL, and masturbation -- not all in the same song, though sometimes it sure seems like that. With David Childers & the Modern Don Juans. Visulite (Schacht)

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