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Chatham County Line, etc.



RED LIMO Red Limo cranks out psych-rock in the garage, taking pages out of the T. Rex, Ramones and Cheap Trick textbooks, and then tosses it all out onto the Brooklyn streets. It's more like listening to a cheap boom box in the subway at full volume, than cranking the jukebox in a stretch limo, red or otherwise. Hot Rod Grease Lightning is also on the bill. Snug Harbor (Shukla)


CHATHAM COUNTY LINE Raleigh's wonderfully traditional bluegrass and Americana outfit CCL's harmony-laced hoedowns showcase the band's complete mastery of their adopted instruments. The combo can easily swing from rowdy toe-tappers to somber ballads with the tip of a hat. With the Greencards. McGlohon (Shukla)


FISHER STREET The sax and tingly keyboards, along with a female drummer, add a nice backbeat to this Salisbury quintet's folk-rock. Sure, peg them as a jam band where proper songwriting strolls along with the jazz-touched conversations between guitar and bass. This show is part of Gallery Crawl, so it's free. Morwenna Lasko and Jay Pun will also play. Green Light plays the late show. Evening Muse (Shukla)

THE WHITE BARONS The buxom frontwoman Eva Von Slut is also a burlesque performer and pin-up model and has howled with other San Francisco bands including The Insaints. The White Barons are a psychobilly punk band that may not be quite appropriate to bring home to momma. Also on the bill: Self Made Monsters, Can Can and Ladyfinger. Milestone (Shukla)

DYLAN GILBERT The former lead singer for Charlotte punk band Something Jed, Gilbert seems to be going -- if tenously, and via baby steps -- in a Palace Bros./Grandaddy type of direction, boasting a throughline of guitar-centered indie rock mixed with a dab of angular, freak-folk-style songwriting and the odd analog electrical whozeewhatsit (word has it he also plays glockenspiel). I don't mean to insult with the above -- Gilbert's still quite young, and sure seems a comer. With Israel Darling (show starts at 8 p.m.). Lunchbox Records (Davis)


ALBERT CASTIGLIA Miami-based bluesman Castiglia honed his chops during a long stint with the Miami Blues Authority. He's been plowing the blues highways as a solo performer since the turn of the century. What you get are feisty originals and covers of classics dusted off on the contemporary tip. Double Door Inn (Shukla)

TRUCKSTOP PREACHERS The first time I ever saw the Truckstop Preachers (then known as 4 on the Floor), I wasn't sure what to expect. Friends had told me to prepare for a lot of rock & roll rave-up, heavy on the guitar, but boasting enough countrified charm and respect for their elders (Hank Sr., Jr., and the Third, Ernest Tubb, Buck Owens) to make you forget most of the fellas were in their 20s. I've attended a few of their shows since then, and I'm happy to report my friends were right. Singer Nate Palmer, boasting the best country voice this side of the 2 Dollar Pistols' John Howie, Jr., is worth the price of admission by his (poor) lonesome (me). Puckett's Farm Equipment (Davis)


FIERY FURNACES Seems like just yesterday we were being told that Blueberry Boat -- the 2004 rock opera/concept album/garage rock mash-up from sibling savants Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger -- was going to change the way we listen to music. The hysteria was unfair, and the band's been weighed down by unrealistic expectations ever since. They've been on three labels in as many years, and now call home the venerable Chicago label Thrill Jockey, which seems like the right fit. Their fifth disc, Widow City is out in October, and they'll be test-driving some of it tonight. Visulite (Schacht)


BLACK LIGHT BURNS Talk about a band whose moniker reflects its music. Black Light Burns are gothic rock with pounding electronica holding up the guitars. The band features ex-Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland and are touring the countryside in support of the new disc, Cruel Melody. With Horse the Band and Jullian K. Horse, a 'nintendo-core' band from California has a new album coming out on Aug. 28. Amos' Southend (Shukla)

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