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CL previews upcoming concerts



WAVVES After shuffling members amid drama last year, Nathan Williams fronts a trio now that's turned its days in the sun into cool, beach-inspired lo-fi, surf punk pop that fans can't seem to get enough of. The band's new album, King of the Beach, went in a slightly new direction. Full of short, layered blasts of energy that are catchy and way cleaner than previous projects. Christmas Island and Push Pals are also on the bill. $10-$14, The Milestone, (Mike McCray)


PAPADOSIO It takes a couple of listens to get what this Ohio electronic rock quartet is doing. Some of its spacey instrumentals and songs get the tropical treatment with reggae and dub, while other tracks evoke a sci-fi flick with airy, floating compositions. The band's interplay is genuine, making it all gel. Papadosio is hitting the road in support of new recording Observations. $10, Double Door Inn, (Samir Shukla)

SUGARLAND I've said it every time they've been in town and I'll say it again — while she has one of the best country voices out there today, Jennifer Nettles' solo stuff still beats what she's doing with Sugarland. Since those solo days are over, catch Nettles in the country setting... Her pipes have plenty of power and enough soul to go around. $39.25-$67. Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, (Jeff Hahne)


YARD DOGS ROAD SHOW Equal parts stage show, burlesque, the Chitlin Circuit, and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Yard Dogs Road Show is what Tom Waits might be doing were he not comfortably ensconced in elderly LivingLegendLand. Mind you, the songs aren't at a Waitsian level (whose are?) and the music itself nowhere near as noisily unhinged. But it's a fun time, no less, which is good enough for your $10-20 these days. Neighborhood Theatre, (Timothy C. Davis)

TERRIBLE THINGS Power punk-pop trio features indie stars Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday), Josh Eppard (Coheed & Cambria) and Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit). The harmonizing vocals and rousing guitar chops from their previous bands converge into this solid new unit. Lyrically adept, the touring veterans write tunes filled with longing and angst and are touring their freshly released self-titled debut. Also on the bill are: Mae, Windsor Drive, and Bracing for Impact. $13-$15, Tremont Music Hall, (Shukla)

UZUHI Japanese quartet, based in NYC, were a hardcore outfit out the gates in 2004. The rapid-fire guitar and speedy Japanese lyrics are still tossed about, but with the change in line-up a couple of years ago, Uzuhi now churn out its own version of acoustic punk, touched with keyboards, balladeering and even horns. Yes, it's musically all over the place, but in a charming sorta manner. With Marco Pollo and Summer Night Shade. $7-$9, Milestone, (Shukla)


MUSHROOMHEAD Formed in 1993, critics have usually lumped the mask-wearing metal band in with Slipknot. Fans of each band would argue that the other is copying their style, while Kiss sits off in a corner laughing at both of them. While I don't think they're going to win any singing competitions, the band does offer up some decent energetic metal with a melodic twist on occasion. Better bring earplugs, though. There are a ton of "special guests" on the bill, as well. $15/$18, Tremont Music Hall, (Hahne)

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