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CL previews upcoming concerts (Nov. 10-16)



JOE FIRSTMAN The Charlotte native, singer/songwriter and erstwhile Carson Daly musical sidekick — not everyone can nab The Roots, after all — has certainly carved out a nice little niche for himself, even as he's probably not destined for triple-plat status anytime soon. A talented pianist with more than a little Elton John in his playing, Firstman has even recorded with John's longtime co-collaborator, Bernie Taupin. Recent work has seen Firstman expand his sound into some rootsier climes, to nice effect. $8, The Evening Muse, (Timothy C. Davis)


RUDY CURRENCE & FAT SNACKS BAND This rising soul crooner and Rock Hill, S.C., native has been steadily kicking out music as part of Ludacris' Disturbing The Peace imprint. He's back by Charlotte's Fat Snacks Band who's made a name for covers but also played with acts like Grammy-nominated The Foreign Exchange, Carlitta Durand and Little Brother. Jason "Jetplane" Jones and Essexence are also on the bill. $15-20, Amos' Southend, (Mike McCray)

DEAKIN A founding member of Animal Collective, Deakin (aka Josh Dibb) takes the freeform explorations of that outfit further off the planet. Currently on leave from the quartet, Deakin meshes spacey sounds and avant garde trance into an amalgam of psychedelic dub. It's obvious that Deakin has a love of, and more importantly, an ear for sound manipulation, because his music's got soul and doesn't get lost in cold electronica. $12, The Evening Muse, (Samir Shukla)


GIGI DOVER & THE BIG LOVE Charlotte-bred Gigi Dover's newest, The Avocado Sessions (This Side & The Other), continues Dover's artistic ascent from hot mama to a swampier take on Dusty Springfield, as interpreted by Christine McVie. While not strictly a country crooner anymore, Dover still has more than enough native North Carolinian in her that you never doubt the Southland-schooled genesis of her good-time rhymes. It might not be the most native of dishes, but rest assured, there's always Dover Soul on the menu when The Big Love comes to town. $10-$13, Gaston County Museum, (Davis)

LITURGY Self-tagged as black metal, N.Y.C.'s Liturgy is a couple of steps removed from that dark metal genre. It's a shower of guitar noise as they buzz, careen and converge into a symphonic blast. The vocals are an indecipherable roar, but that's almost a necessity when howling above the din of rabid six strings. But Liturgy's sense of adventurism, especially with rhythmic chord changes, ultimately makes them intriguing. With GoreGore Luchadores. $6, Snug Harbor, (Shukla)

JILL DINEEN BAND Jill Dineen commands attention — through her stage presence, but mostly via her powerful vocals. The singer brings the blues and brings them full force. Playing an array of covers — obscure and familiar — mixed in with some originals, she conjures up an old-school style that's not as prevalent as it once was. Don't expect something short and sweet — they like to drag it out until they've squeezed out every ounce of emotion. With Beth McKee. $8. 8 p.m. The Evening Muse. (Jeff Hahne)

HANSON Over a decade later, is "Mmm Bop" out of your head yet? These guys have come a long way from being a teenage girls' wet dream to being dads, businessmen and actual musicians. Now adults, they still love to do pop music, just not the stuff that made your little sister go crazy. Instead, they stick with soulful melodies, true harmonies and honest writing. Just solid pop rock. Jarrod Gorbel opens. $25-$28, Amos' Southend, (McCray)


AMELIA'S MECHANICS Gently lilting country and folk from this Greensboro combo lifts spirits with cozy female vocals, touched with just a shade of harmonizing. The women of Amelia's Mechanics infuse a touch of classical strings for a comfy vibe that's sprinkled all over their recording North, South. Guided by Jim Avett (dad to the Avett Brothers), the trio is evolving into a notable force in N.C. acoustic music. Opening for the Steep Canyon Rangers. $17.50-$21.50, McGlohon Theatre, (Shukla)


DISGRACE What happens when you throw three guitarists from a well-known band in a car for a nine-show tour? That's the question moe. band members Al Schnier, Rob Derhak and Chuck Garvey are in the process of answering. The trio, affectionately known as DiSGRACe, is bringing their act to the Q.C. and since this is their first official run under the name, no one knows quite what to expect. But if you're a moe. fan or just love the sound of acoustic guitar, we'd say it's worth a shot. With Matone Acoustic. $12-$15, Visulite Theatre, (Debra Renee Seth)

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