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CL previews upcoming concerts (June 8-13)



SOUL REBELS BRASS BAND Rising from the rich second line and jazz funeral traditions of its hometown, New Orleans, the Soul Rebel Brass Band has brought its brand of funk, soul, soft rock and reggae to audiences all over the world. Opening for a diverse group of stars from James Brown, Green Day, A Tribe Called Quest to Counting Crows, the group is as authentic New Orleans jazz as you can get without traveling 700 miles west to the Crescent City itself. $10-12. Visulite Theatre. (Mike McCray)

JON DEE GRAHAM Too many Texas troubadours are vastly overrated performers relying on Townes Van Zandt's desiccated, plucked-clean songwriting corpse to peddle "authentic" hokum about hard times and harder living. Thankfully, Jon Dee Graham isn't one of the poseurs, but a gravel-voiced veteran and top-notch guitar slinger (he cut his teeth with Alejandro Escovedo in the seminal '80s roots-punk band, True Believers) whose body of roots-flavored solo work speaks for itself — and eloquently so. With Sam Baker. $10. The Evening Muse. (John Schacht)


PLAIN JANE AUTOMOBILE The Orlando-based quartet's sound is expansive, intriguing even. They channel mood-rock a la U2 and Coldplay, where the guitars swirl around the rhythm section and the front man croons it all into a contemporary vibe. The combo is touring in support of the freshly released recording Your Tomorrow, which is bereft of any weak tracks. Also on the bill are The Catch Fire, Colourslide and Onna. $5-$7. Visulite Theatre. (Samir Shukla)

ETERNAL SUMMERS Cue up the Feelies, bring along Mo Tucker of Velvet Underground — the duo Eternal Summers writes quirky songs that meander sometimes, to be sure, but also elaborates their minimalist ethos when the song gels. The modus is sparring guitar, drums and vocals, where the hits are inspired and the misses tossed aside with the next guitar-laden hit. With the Beets, Brilliant Colors and Blossoms. $8-$10. The Milestone. (Shukla)


BRICE RANDALL BICKFORD Opting to record under his given name after five LPs as The Strugglers, the former Triangle staple brought on board local producer Scott Solter (John Vanderslice, Spoon, Mountain Goats) to gild his new self-titled release with far more lush arrangements. With additional help from members of Megafaun, Mount Moriah and St. Vincent, the new material has more heft than the often ethereal Strugglers, though the '70s pop-flavored reinvention doesn't diminish Bickford's poetic look at everyone's favorite song topic — the opposite sex. The Strugglers weren't bad; Bickford is better. With Old Milwaukees and Anna Bullard. $5. Snug Harbor. (Schacht)

CROWNTOWN SHOWDOWN This event started as a kind of battle of the bands, but quickly dropped that format in favor of a showcase format, offering a variety of talent from around the city and region. Performers include The Ryan Bach Band, Older Brother, Luz, Funky Geezer, E-S Guthrie and Chuck Johnson. Free. 8 p.m. Neighborhood Theatre. (Jeff Hahne)


RACHEL PLATTEN Rachel Platten offers a pop rock style that's heavy on melody and lyrical content. Platten is currently on tour in support of her album, Be Here, which was released in April. She's hitting the Muse this night with another strong singer/songwriter in Bess Rogers. They'll both be be back in town on June 18 for the Tosco Music Party Tribute to the Beatles, too. With Bess Rogers. $8 advance. 8 p.m. The Evening Muse. (Hahne)


THE DIRTY LUNGS Remember those bands in high school that "jammed out" in the garage while squeezed next to the family car? While their sound was often as fulfilling as school cafeteria food, there was an energy in those groups that only comes with being a kid. The Dirty Lungs blares its noisy musical brew with the energy (and profanity) of an adolescent band and the lo-fidelity of those garages. Their album Deregulate Your Heart takes you down memory lane, with teenage frustration meeting up with classic distorted tones and psychedelic tinges. Their name lacks the right ring (it sounds like an alt-country group or Keith Richards fan club), and with the slurred vocals, the Wooly Tongues might be a more apt title. With Rusted Radio Dial. $5. Snug Harbor. (Tommy Werner)


TWIN SISTER Few quintets manage to capture the romanticized '80s sound without being all Flock of Seagulls about it like this Long Island-born, Brooklyn-based band. Through painstakingly crafted music, they emote on a level that's rare, fresh and lulls you into just the groove to receive it. The band looped back around to North Carolina after playing in Chapel Hill on June 3, hitting Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, Houston and New Orleans, among others in the short time since. Holiday Shores and Cement Stars are also on the bill. $8-$10. Snug Harbor. (McCray)

JD SOUTHER He's written or collaborated hits for many, including the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor, but fame has eluded his own solo releases. A session player for the better part of four decades, and a Southern California country-rock progenitor in his own right, Souther is touring on the heels of his new recording Natural History, which is filled with pared-down, acoustic versions of hits he's written. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise, Souther is an American songwriting treasure. Jill Andrews will open. $25.50-$27.50. McGlohon Theatre. (Shukla)

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