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CL previews upcoming concerts (Feb. 9-15)



J. GUNN This Durham native has been cutting his teeth in underground hip-hop circles for years now, but it all started with talent shows at age 9. When other kids were more likely to be spitting like Master P, he was pulling from influences like Common, Big Daddy Kane and Nas, winning his first major freestyle battle at 13. Since he's went on to work with names like Terminator X, 9th Wonder, Krhysis and Nicolay but has only began to scratch the surface of what he can be. $5. Twilight Caribbean Restaurant and Bar. (Mike McCray)


PROJECT/OBJECT W/ IKE WILLIS I'm not a fan of cover and tribute bands, but when a band can include original members and play note-for-note intricate compositions by Frank Zappa, it's worth taking notice. Not only do these guys make it sound just like Zappa did, but they often get former band members to come along for the ride. Though the rest of the band has undergone lineup changes over the years, singer/guitarist Willis is a regular with the P/O guys. Guitarist Denny Walley will also be at this show. $15. Visulite Theatre. (Jeff Hahne)


QUIANA ZENOBIA This independent soul songstress was brought up on music. With a grandmother who was a classically trained organist and a mother who sang, it was only natural for her to take that love of music and run. And that she did, starting with the church choir and moving on from gospel to jazz and soul. Her honest lyrics ooze with soul and have a certain grit to them that's cool. Fat Snacks Band backing. Wine Up. (McCray)

JOHNSON VALENTINE BASH Wes and Chris Johnson, of Charlotte pop combo Hardcore Lounge, return with their annual (19th and counting) Valentine's fundraising bash with proceeds benefiting RAIN (Regional AIDS Interfaith Network). An evening of pop, lounge, rock and Americana will be on tap for this shindig that also features guests performing with Hardcore Lounge along with Mike Strauss Band warming up and DJ Jason Cooper spinning records. $7. Snug Harbor. (Samir Shukla)

SUGAR GLYDER Charlotte quartet Sugar Glyder continues to write hard pop and moody rock numbers that are just the right kind of smooth around the edges. Their songs are catchy, hummable and fully developed with rock layers and plenty of "radio stars in the making" overtones. This is the CD Release gig for their new recording, Lovers at Lightspeed. Also on the bill are House of Fools, Ethnographers, and Oh No Fiasco. $8. Amos' Southend. (Shukla)

ED E. RUGER'S CD RELEASE PARTY Looking for good local hip-hop? Greensboro's Ed E. Ruger is releasing a new CD, but it's the local support he's getting that's just as noteworthy. Among those on the bill are A. Moss and Dinero Farrar, Ty Bru, F. Dux and Ike Turnah. Those wondering where to find solid rap artists from the Queen City area should look no further. $8. 9 p.m. Tremont Music Hall. (Hahne)


SONGS OF WATER It's not easy to describe the music of Songs of Water. The generally instrumental music takes influence from European sources as much as from Americana and Appalachia. The result is a fluid, energetic, rhythmic swirling of sound that brings your attention to all directions — strings, drums, guitar. With Ben and Vesper and The Benjamin Circle. $8-$10. 8 p.m. Visulite Theatre. (Hahne)


DARSOMBRA Primarily the compositional and sound manipulation chops of guitarist Brian Daniloski, Darsombra is a noise, psychedelic, ambient-laden one-man band. Now with video artist Ann Everton in tow, expect an added visual element to jar the senses. But it's not all sound effects and guitar noise manipulation; Daniloski has neoclassical compositional chops, to boot. With Asound, Greevace, and the Gloominous Doom. $7-$9. The Milestone. (Shukla)


BILL HANNA'S VINTAGE DANCE BAND It's Valentine's Day, so love is sure to be floating in the air around Grand Central and through the instruments of Bill Hanna's Vintage Dance Band. Known for playing an array of music that ranges from swing, jazz and other dance hall tunes, the 20-piece orchestra band will have your feet moving. Sure, its music that your parents or grandparents are more familiar with, but it's timeless and learning a few moves are always fun. It's the "Day of Love" and if you and your Valentine want to skip the cliché dinner, get your dancing shoes ready and head on over. The band will also feature vocalists Renee Elbalaroza and Vic Plati. $10. Grand Central Events. (Johnathan Cruse)


FLOGGING MOLLY With the use of traditional Celtic instruments such as violin, mandolin and accordion, one would obviously think this Irish-sounding band was from across the waters, but that's not the case. Dublin-born lead singer and songwriter Dave King brings his Irish expatriate to the sound of Flogging Molly, whose energetic melodies will have even the most inexperienced person attempting the riverdance. Having met in a bar over 12 years ago, the seven-member band continues to travel performing its rare mix of instrument usage and insightful lyrics to their growing fan base. $25. The Fillmore Charlotte. (Cruse)

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