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CL previews upcoming concerts (Feb. 11-17)



A.A. Bondy Talk about your extreme makeovers: A.A. Bondy used to be Scott Bondy, front man for Nirvana/Foo Fighters knockoff Verbena (Dave Grohl even produced their major label release in '99). But with his solo debut, American Hearts, Bondy has re-emerged dressed in the acoustic garb (gob iron included) of the Bob Dylan/Mississippi John Hurt folk-blues school. You wouldn't call either incarnation innovative or all that memorable, but Bondy's finger-picking and dissolution-narratives are a lot easier on the ears. The lesson? If you're gonna affiliate with an era, make it one with longer legs. With the country-flavored Buschovski side project, The Pink Ponies. Snug Harbor (John Schacht)


The Steps These young cats from Austin rip open guitars with a thick blend of American garage and British pub rock. Timeworn riffs and chords, headshaking sing-a-longs and a steady rhythm section make for a rocking good time. The quartet is a feisty live act to boot and has released a handful of noteworthy singles and records. With Palm Trees and Shine River. Milestone (Samir Shukla)

Eric Lindell Schooled in and based out of New Orleans, Lindell is a bluesman with an ear for folk, foot-stomping R&B, blue-collar rock, and especially Crescent City funk. A taut musician as well as tunesmith, Lindell's combo of blues, R&B, and funk pegs him as a continuer of blues cool. It's an acclaim earned through a natural musical work ethic. With Deb Callahan. Double Door Inn (Shukla)


Mehkago N.T. While M-N.T. feature drummer Rick Smith is best known for his stickwork with breakthrough Miami metal band Torche, don't be expecting the band to be gracing Pitchfork any time soon. This stop is part of their Human Destruction Tour, and if you've heard the band before, you know they mean business. Torche – while more dynamic in range and important to the metal scene at large – are sonically to Mehkago N.T. what Chevelle is to Slayer. Put another way, do a little carb-loading before the show – you'll need the energy, even if you're just one of those crossed-arm nodders. With Obstruction, Battle Beast. Milestone (Timothy C. Davis)


Assembly of Dust Conceived by former Strangefolk frontman Reid Genauer while enrolled in the MBA program at Cornell University (indie cred with the North Face set!), Assembly of Dust can, to these ears, too often sound like a symphony of lint (the latter often gathers in one's navel, and, true to form, you can often find AoD gazing at theirs). Musically, it's fairly harmless (a little Jack Johnson, little Jerry, a little Josh Rouse), but for those looking for either anything hot-shit/cold-blooded might want to look elsewhere for inspiration. However, if it's just a little jam-friendly, gentle V-Day chooglin' you're looking for, things are coming up roses. With Millhouse Band. Visulite Theatre (Davis)

Tiempo Libre The Miami-based, all-Cuban outfit offers up a high-energy, passionate performance that is sure to get you out of your seats. If you're not on your feet within the first few notes, you better check your pulse. While touring in support of the band's last album, Arroz Con Mango, they're also getting ready for the May release of Bach in Havana. Latin music inspired by Bach? You have to at least be curious ... McGlohon Theatre (Jeff Hahne)


Zelazowa Touring in support of its second full-length album, Elephants on a Mousehunt, the Philly-based band is often compared to Nirvana thanks to the raw rock sound fused with punk energy. Most bands choose to use the Internet to help spread the good word of their music, but Zelazowa, named after the town where Fredrick Chopin was born, is doing it old school – hitting the road, hard. The guys aren't afraid to play a show just about every night and rocking the hell out of whatever venue is lucky enough to get 'em. Snug Harbor (Hahne)


Hawks Featuring members – or leftovers, a designation they might prefer – of the jazzbo/hard-core Blame Game, Electrosleep International (but not the Deerhunter dude), and lady art-punkers Vera Fang (but not the ladies), Hawks are a cross-section of the ATL underground fueled by booze, questionable behavior, and punishing, uncompromising noise-rock. The band's debut, Barnburner, is out on 180-gram vinyl on Army of Bad Luck, and this donations-only date is part of a two-week East Coast victory lap. Drop some gas-and-food money on 'em and come enjoy the dulcet love. With Grids and Reverser. Lunchbox Records (Schacht)

Automatic Loveletter The rock trio Automatic Loveletter, led by vocalist Juliet Simms, plucks soft, somber tones of piano, check the haunting tune "Hush," and also cranks the amps with harder numbers. Simms' vocals are more sensuous when subdued in a slow song then when rocking out. She's got the moxie, though, to be a top-rung singer/lyricist. Also on the bill: A Cursive Memory, The Friday Night Boys and A Clerestory. Tremont Music Hall (Shukla)

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