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CL previews upcoming Charlotte music shows



Trouble Walkers Comprised of former Modern Don Juans (bassist Mark Lynch and drummer Robert Childers) as well as onetime Hot Rod Greased Lightning guitarists/singers Daylon Brumfield and Gabe Hinceman, country-punkers the Trouble Walkers' newish Free Cowboy Hat is a healthy-dose of the hard stuff, a mad platter of hot-sauced subject matter that'd make even Harry Crews wince, but delivered with more than enough good cheer that you won't feel the need to shower afterward. What's more, they're even better live. With Sex Tapes. Snug Harbor (Timothy C. Davis)

Gongzilla Musicianship and improvisation are key factors when the jammers Gongzilla plug in their instruments. They write songs that gently lean on politics and philosophy while jazz interludes, world music forays and spacey rock intermingle with the words and expand into the air. With tunes like "American Dream," what lands on stage and bounces off into the crowd is quite intriguing. Double Door Inn (Samir Shukla)


Kenny Chesney It's getting to the point where you could almost set your watch by a Kenny Chesney summer concert tour. He's constantly winning the Entertainer of the Year Award, so you know he'll put on a good show. This year, it's the Poets & Pirates Tour, sponsored by Corona (do they even sell that at Verizon?). Bring your cowboy hat and boots. With LeAnn Rimes. Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Jeff Hahne)


David Lindley The guitar legend's curriculum vitae would take up the entire music section, but a cross-section should give you an idea: Ry Cooder, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Henry Kaiser, Rod Stewart, Dolly Parton and on and on and on. His own band, El Rayo-X, made some noise in the '80s, but his ability to fuse styles together on virtually any instrument with strings is distinctly Lindey-esque, and what's made him such a hot commodity. Dude can bring it. The early show at Evening Muse. (John Schacht)

Caleb Caudle and the Bayonets Tapping into classic country and roots music, Winston-Salem's Caudle writes songs tempered with Southern warmth and plenty rocking energy. There's natural soul in his writing, nothing seems to be forced. It's that combo of roots pop that makes Caudle a worthy addition to North Carolina singer/songwriters. With Luego and Dylan Gilbert. Snug Harbor (Shukla)

Agent Orange Singer/guitarist Mike Palm is the only remaining original member of this Southern Cali punk band, but the old bloke can still pound the geetar and get a pit going. The band's been pounding eardrums, off and on, since the late '70s. Their recorded output has been sporadic over the years, but they've managed a collection of fast and loud records with a sprinkling of melodic new wave tunes tucked under their belt. Check the way cool version of the Get Smart theme for their surf influences. Tax Slave and 2013 Wolves are also on the bill. Milestone (Shukla)


Evangelista Carla Bozulich deserves more credit for her maverick music; ever since she tore country rock a new one in the Geraldine Fibbers, the L.A. native has continually defied the expectations of what some folks expect from female singer-songwriters, up to and including her remarkable recasting of Willie Nelson's Red-Headed Stranger. Her new project's Hello Voyager! is urgency embodied, dark and roiling melodies in mortal combat with blasts of cataclysmic feedback, fucked-up vocal treatments and ominous narratives suggesting end times aren't just coming, they happen every night this bunch take the stage. Opening for Xiu Xiu, and with Common Eider, King Eider. Milestone (Schacht)

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