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CIAA 2014: The Playlist

Here are six songs to have in rotation for however your CI nights turn out.



Keep it real — age and income are what really dictate your CI experience. But the music blaring wherever you are is a solid indicator of how your night is shaping up. Here are six songs to have in rotation for however your CI nights turn out.

"Drunk In Love" remixes: Everyone from Kanye West to T.I., and even The Weeknd have added their two cents to Bey and Jay's smash hit. You won't have to save your "surfbort" for the club.

Young Thug's "Danny Glover": I would've bet anything Que's "O.G. Bobby Johnson" would be the ratchet song of choice when CI rolled around, but this track has crept into the conversation with an undeniable hook.

Drake ft. Soulja Boy, "We Made It": CI is a lot like homecoming. If you're meeting up with friends from college, play this to celebrate you all, collectively, not peaking in undergrad.

Kendrick Lamar's "m.A.A.d city": YAK! YAK! YAK! YAK!

Rico Love's "They Don't Know": If you've got some time to kill before you head out and the friends are caught up in their feelings over Nicki Minaj's "Lookin' Ass" cover art, this'll fill in nicely.

We Are Toonz's "Drop That Nae Nae": You're (probably) too old to be at the crib working on the choreography, but at least learn what it looks like before you see it in the club.


Future's "Shit": Serenade your rival's early exit from the tournament with this.

J. Cole's "She Knows" (ft. Amber Coffman): The N.C. native has had platinum-selling singles before, but this truly feels like his first crossover hit. It's sing-along ready.

"O.G. Bobby Johnson" remixes: They are the extra crispy to the dope original recipe.

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