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CIAA 2010: The Ultimate Guide



Charlotte's a funny place.

Sometimes it's damned near impossible to find fun things to do in the Queen City. And then other times Charlotteans are deluged with so many extracurricular activities, it's impossible to make a decision.

Well, one of those other times has descended on our fair city once again -- in the form of the massive CIAA basketball tournament.

As anyone who's lived here for the last few years knows, the annual event (popping off from Feb. 24-28) brings not only a multitude of athletic action but also hundreds -- seriously, hundreds -- of parties, concerts and more. And, as always, we -- the kings and queens of leisure -- have researched everything going on this week and compiled a list of the very best stuff to do. Now, this isn't a comprehensive list (for the whole shebang, visit; it's Creative Loafing's picks of the top places to spend your time this go-round.

So, flip the pages ... and get ready for one helluva CIAA week.

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