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CIAA 2009: The Ultimate Guide



As a result of the economic meltdown currently plaguing the country (and the world), it seems like everyone is feeling a little blue these days.

Charlotteans, however, should take comfort in the fact that the annual CIAA (aka the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association) basketball tournament is hitting the city once again this week -- and with it comes an ass-load of parties, concerts, celebrities and more to help us all forget our troubles for a few days.

And just as we've done for the last few years, the folks here at Creative Loafing have put together what we've deemed "the ultimate guide" to what this year's CIAA has to offer. For this issue, we've sifted through mounds of information to pick the best parties, special events, live music and official happenings going down all week. So, tuck this copy of CL under your arm or in your purse, and let us guide you to the stuff you're really going to like.

Looking for a comprehensive list of things to do (as well where to eat, how to get around town and more) during the tournament? Click here.

Top parties to attend for this year’s CIAA

Live music to check out

CIAA officials hope to get more people into the games this year

Conseulla on the global grind


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