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Who the hell is Chuck Morrison? What band is he in? What clubs does he play? Ha-ha, he's not a musician at all. But he hangs out with a bunch of 'em. Morrison owns the preeminent Charlotte indie-rock label MoRisen records, home of the Talk, Elevator Action, the Alternative Champs, Marat, Snatches of Pink, etc., etc. and so forth and so on. He says cartoons are on his mind these days. Lots of them. His kids Dargan and Baker keep him hip to the 5- to 8-year-old cartoon scene, but daddy likes Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. That's what's filling up his DVR. We figure his Top 5 might be interesting. Then again, he's got looney tunes on the brain.

1. The Brak Show. "There's no more quotable cartoon character than Father. How about this gem: 'Even though a man may have as many hairs on top of his head as there are stars in the sky, that doesn't mean he can throw a party that movie stars will attend....and enjoy.'"

2. Home Movies. "Coach McGuirk.... I mean, come on, he may be the biggest yet most lovable idiot in any cartoon ever... Gives Father a run for his money in the quote department: 'They pull me over. They breathalyze me. And I'm only drunk half the time.'"

3. Sealab 2021. "Captain Murphy and his crew are completely unfit for any sort of work, mission, public service, well. . . you name it, they shouldn't be doing it. Captain Murphy spent an entire episode trapped under a vending machine. Nothing but buffoons on this show. Check out this exchange:

Marco: 'Stormy, get ahold of yourself! Now, use your pincer and grab the squid's tentacle.'

Captain Murphy: 'Oh...yeah...and tell him to cough.'

Marco: I said tentacle!!'"

4. Robot Chicken. "Completely insane stop-motion animation. All over the map and one you have to TiVo to make sure you got it all. Fifteen minutes of quick-moving random bits."

5. Beavis and Butthead. "Yeah, OK, so it's not on Adult Swim. Still, one of the best exchanges between these two morons was when they were flipping through channels and...

Butthead: 'This show is about the future.'

Beavis: 'The future sucks. Change it, change it!'

Butthead: 'I'm pretty cool, Beavis, but I cannot change the future.'"

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