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Christina Jacuzzo

Attorney/fashion designer



Think of your typical attorney -- especially a corporate finance attorney -- and toss this image out the window. Christina Jacuzzo is anything but typical. This 5-foot-1-inch "Sicilrish" (Dad is Sicilian and Mom is Irish) attorney and fashion designer is a force to be reckoned with, even in her usual 3-inch heels.

Recently, Jacuzzo represented the Friends of Fourth Ward in opposing Coyote Ugly's application for a liquor license in the Ivey's building uptown. "It was a lesson in government" that was successful: Coyote Ugly is looking for another new location. "I think it was a team effort in the community, and I was the quarterback. No one is going to listen to just Christina Jacuzzo, attorney."

Jacuzzo and another finance attorney Star Ilzhoefer created a women's luxury clothing line, Sua Sponte', which debuted last year at Runway For The Ballet. Jacuzzo's "design perspective is both elegant and sporty, combining historical silhouettes with a fresh twist."

Although she recently finished a gorgeous wedding dress and is currently working on a coat, she's not looking to create a famous line of clothing. She and Ilzhoefer just want "a creative outlet to express ourselves and to provide near-perfect clothing that's created locally." Visit for more information.

With such a full life, regularly working till two or three in the morning, Jacuzzo has simplified one area of her life: She hasn't owned a car since November 2006 and "loves it." No worrying about gas prices -- she walks across the street to work.