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Choosing an Appropriate Essay Topic for Your Application



 Essay topics can become dull, not only for the applicants but for those reading the essays. For instance, the essay question regarding the influence of technology on you, society, education, etc. is essentially the same question over and over. Not only do donors want to give scholarships to those who write original and unique essays, but applicants want to write answers to original and unique essay topics (i.e. descriptive essay topics). So, when asked what essay topic you would assign college applicants many people would choose the question, if you could intern for a month with anyone alive or dead who would it be and what would you like to learn from them. This question allows the applicant more room to be creative and unique, showcases an area of study or interest that they would like to learn more about, and gives a glimpse into who influences them as a person.


On every scholarship application, the words “make your essay creative and unique” always seem to sit at the end of the list of requirements. With this essay question, applicants have more freedom to write as their original selves. They can approach the question any direction they please whether it’s funny, serious, or even sentimental. Plus the applicant’s uniqueness will shine through in their writing, especially since it’s a topic where there doesn’t seem to be a “right” answer.The only thing to consider in your writing is to make sure thecorrect format is used (i.e. MLA format, or APA format) and that the paper includes an outline because most of the educators pay close attention to it. 


Picking a person to intern with for a month is not a small dedication and when deciding on that person an applicant may be considering future things they hope to learn or simply something that intrigues them. This allows the reader to find out details about the person that isn’t on their list of honors, community service or where they’re going to school. For example, someone may be going to get a major in law and they pick Steve Irwin for their person. Then they get to explain that he was the reason that they wanted to go into law because they love wildlife and want to protect it as he does in his show. 


Another person might be planning to become a teacher, but they pick Robin Williams simply because they want to be a comedian as well as a teacher. All in all, the possibilities are endless for answers to this question and it exposes a more personal part of the candidate.

The person one picks when answering this essay question shows who they wish to be influenced by. They are choosing someone specifically to learn from that person, and that can say a lot about the applicant's character. 


For instance, someone who picks Joseph Stalin as someone they would like to intern with for a month might raise some questions about their goals in the future as well as their character. But if someone were to write that they would want to intern with Mother Teresa it shows that they want to give to their community and serve others not just themselves, a characteristic most scholarships look for on applications. All in all, those applying for a scholarship get to choose someone that they admire and want to learn from and their answer can also convey aspects of their character. 


The essay question, if you could intern for a month with anyone alive or dead, who would it be and what would you like to learn from them, permits applicants to write an original and creative response, to disclose a different area of interest that they are intrigued by, and exposes a major influence in their life. Overall, the essay topic chosen to be on applications truly allows applicants to be themselves and forces them to think more in-depth about their response. However, no matter the essay question or topic as long as it allows applicants to be their true, authentic selves in their writing and it challenges them, it is the right essay topic for that scholarship. 


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