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Cheris Hodges

Romance novelist



As she approaches her 30th birthday, romance novelist Cheris Hodges has much to celebrate. She has come a long way since she self-published her first book in 2001 and is currently gearing up for her seventh romance novel, Just Can't Get Enough, to hit shelves in August.

A graduate of Johnson C. Smith University, Hodges says writing has always come naturally to her and was surprised when writing about love turned out to be her forte. "It wasn't something I planned. It's just what came out," Hodges says. "My parents have been married for almost 40 years; they are [a] great inspiration."

A former police and courts reporter at the Covington News in Covington, Ga., Hodges' novels were born from the stress of her job. She began writing novels to relive the tension she experienced at work, but soon enough, her hobby became her life.

Though the author has also dabbled in poetry, her newest venture is the development of her mystery novels.

Hodges enjoys attending the book festivals in Atlanta; she loves that the city always has so much going on and so many people to see. She explains that, "Inspiration can come from anywhere; I carry a notepad everywhere I go. I can observe people and create a story about them."

"Most writers write in quiet places," says Hodgers. "I need noise to write. I like to have the TV on, listen to music or sit in a busy atmosphere -- it helps me think."

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