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Charlotte's throw-away pets

Animal overpopulation numbers


Animal overpopulation is a big problem in Mecklenburg County. Every additional puppy and kitten born or purchased from breeders takes a potential home from an animal at our county's animal shelter. Every year, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Control officers are forced to euthanize thousands of animals because there are no homes for them. The solution -- adoption, and most importantly the spaying and neutering of pets.


Incoming Dogs and Cats: 17,376

Adopted Dogs and Cats: 2,997

Dogs and Cats Euthanized: 12,104


Incoming Dogs and Cats: 18,268

Adopted Dogs and Cats: 3,364

Dogs and Cats Euthanized: 12,457

2007 (so far)

Incoming Dogs and Cats: 1,305

Adopted Dogs and Cats: 383

Dogs and Cats Euthanized: 753

How to stop the killing:

Free Spay and Neuter Clinic

Where: Animal Shelter, 8315 Byrum Drive

Dates: March 10 and 24

April 14 and 28

May 19

June 9 and 23

July 14 and 28

Check-in: 7 a.m.-8 a.m.

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