Charlotte Symphony: Mozart Mass in C Minor

When: Fri., Nov. 16 and Sat., Nov. 17 2012

CHARLOTTE SYMPHONY: MOZART MASS IN C MINOR Mozart’s Mass in C Minor occupies the same space as his stunning Requiem (my favorite of his works, but no matter): that of expansive compositions, enormous high-classical undertakings, left sadly incomplete. The ambitious Mass, which the Charlotte Symphony presents this weekend, is aptly named — it is liturgical music, meant to mirror, or even score, the elaborate symbolism and ritual of Catholic ceremony. Yet Mozart’s Mass also requires a massive amount of people: a full orchestra and oratorio, in addition to multiple soloists. And though this monolithic work was never finished, per se, it does run the essential Mozart gamut of sturm, drang and euphoria — all within a masterful, frankly transcendental tone-scape.

Corbie Hill

Price: $21.50-$81.50