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Charlotte, NC ranked #3 - Best Cities for Software Developers


Charlotte, NC was ranked as the #3 large city for software developers, according to a new 309-city study by AdvisorSmith.

The software development industry is a hot and growing field of employment. With industries being revolutionized by technology and products, software developers possess the skills that are highly desired across the field. Software development entails tackling difficult technical problems and building products that bring delight to the end user. Software developers create and maintain computer applications, analyze user needs, develop software solutions, and work either individually or as part of a team on either backend infrastructure or front-end user interfaces.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are close to one million software developer (application) jobs in the U.S., and the field is growing at a 21% rate—much faster than the average industry. But where are the best opportunities for software developers? The results of this AdvisorSmith study may surprise you.

AdvisorSmith ranked 309 U.S. cities to determine the most attractive cities for software developers to pursue their careers in.

Here is a breakdown of the best large cities for software developers:

1. Columbus, OH
2. Dayton, OH
3. Charlotte, NC
4. Dallas, TX
5. Seattle, WA
6. Atlanta, GA
7. Detroit, MI
8. Palm Bay, FL
9. St. Louis, MO
10. Raleigh, NC

Charlotte ranked #5 overall in the study of 309 cities, beating out Raleigh (#12), Durham (#14) and Wilmington (#67).

Charlotte hosts 44% more jobs for software developers on a per-capita basis compared with the U.S. average.

The average annual salary for software developers in Charlotte, NC is $107,450.

Interested in reading more? Visit AdvisorSmith to take a look at deep dive into determining which U.S. cities are best for software developers to pursue their careers in.