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Challenges of Distance Learning During Covid-19



The entire world faces a horrible virus called Covid-19. It has changed normal life and made people get isolated. It’s not safe to leave your home without a need and many people work from their homes. Perhaps office workers find delight in comfortably working right from their sweet homes. Nevertheless, many students don’t like the idea of studying via the Internet.

We’d like to introduce a quote by Lauren Bradshaw, who is a respectful and experienced essay writer at Custom Writings, a professional essay writing company. “The challenges induced by the Covid-19 pandemic are severe and have entirely changed the lives of everyone. Students are no exception, and they have to study at home. They face multiple challenges because of distance learning but all of them can be solved because technology ensures a lot of benefits”. Our informative article will highlight all the challenges and potential benefits.

Lack of Control

Probably the worst problem for most learners is the lack of adequate supervision. Their teachers and professors cannot always check whether their students listen to what they say. For example, a teacher throws an online conference with 20 participants. It’s impossible to see everyone at once and he/she hopes that all students are really beside their screens and attentively listen to the lecture.

Many students honestly confess that they need the physical presence of teachers and professors in the class. They have problems with self-discipline and due to the lack of control, they tend to play hooky. Youngsters need constant supervision and encouragement. Otherwise, they won’t be diligent enough to meet academic standards. Parents cannot encourage them because they have to work if they are allowed. Therefore, students remain alone and have to struggle with themselves.

Besides, many youngsters simply cannot accept distance learning. They got used to on-campus lessons. The online alternative seems less serious and realistic. They automatically reject this idea and don’t want to study diligently.

Separation from Classmates and Friends

Students hugely suffer from being separated from their friends and classmates. According to one survey, 45% of interviewed students claimed that separation from classmates and teachers is their major challenge. They feel torn away from social life and it causes great mental pressure. Youngsters find it difficult to stay constantly at home without common communication and activities outside the house. Negative emotions may trigger depression and suchlike diseases. Social isolation is a heavy strike for all human beings because we all are social creatures by nature. The survey likewise showed other major challenges for students and some of them will be highlighted in our article as well.

Problems with Internet Accessibility

Not all students have access to the Internet and it’s a huge drawback. Many surveys showed that some families cannot afford regular access to the World Web and their children cannot receive enough knowledge in comparison with their peers. It inevitably leads to the loss of grades and poor learning skills. Such students will automatically fall behind because their access to information will be limited by the textbooks they have at home.

Uncertain Duration

Scientists and medical professionals cannot tell the exact date when the pandemic will be over. When people don’t know about such things, the nervous tension commonly increases. The most optimistic predictions are about 2 years or a bit less. This duration is surely too long and it may worsen the emotional states of students for many a time.

Shared Devices

Another challenge related to technology is a possible lack of digital devices. Many families have only one personal computer or laptop. It’s alright when children were at schools or colleges and parents went to work. However, the members of big families are frequently at home at the same time. If a family has two schoolers and only one device, it causes severe problems with distance learning. A mobile phone may be insufficient or inconvenient to study. They may have simultaneous online lessons or may need to find evidence via the Internet simultaneously. It inevitably leads to conflicts and challenges. Sharing one computer, all children will have to miss certain lessons and risk falling behind their peers.

Family Issues

Many families live through tough times because of the pandemic. Undoubtedly, parents and children love each other. However, they spend more time in one house for many consecutive months. Some families are happy to have that time together. In the meanwhile, other families have problems with communication, frequent conflicts because of the simplest things, and so on. It negatively reflects on the academic progress of children, and they cannot focus on the homework they receive being on distance learning.

Is It All That Bad?

Most people are convinced that the situation will worsen and distance learning will induce more challenges until the pandemic is over. We believe that it’s not a catastrophe and students can reap multiple benefits of being at home. Let’s briefly review them:

  • Access to all kinds of educational materials;

  • Useful online events to solve various academic issues;

  • Helpful samples, guides, tutorials, etc.;

  • Custom writing services;

  • Enhanced collaboration via the Internet;

  • Flexibility and freedom of learning;

  • Learning at one’s pace;

  • The possibility to choose an individual learning style;

  • Interactive lectures, workshops, etc.

Students should simply realize the opportunities they may enjoy. If they have access to the Internet, they will surely find the necessary materials to accomplish their assignments. Their communication with classmates and teachers has changed into a digital format. Consequently, it runs almost instantly and sometimes more entertaining.

Youngsters are welcome to choose the learning methods. Their teachers and professors set the objectives, but students are free to decide what methods will help to reach them. Your choices are almost unlimited. You can pass online courses and programs, read helpful samples and similar materials, request custom writing assistance, participate in workshops, and so on. Simply decide what medium suits your talents.

The entire humanity faces multiple impediments because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Students have various challenges with distance learning too. Nonetheless, being determined, patient, diligent, and flexible will help to overcome any challenge excellently.

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