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Allied Health Corp is building a new kind of pharmaceutical company that is focused on treating people with natural cannabinoid and psilocybin health solutions


Calum Hughes - CEO Allied Health Corp
  • Calum Hughes CEO Allied Health Corp

Allied Health Corp is a publicly traded Canadian based pharmaceutical company with a mission to help people around the world by creating and providing targeted cannabinoid and psilocybin health solutions to people in need. 

Allied Health delivers a variety of cannabinoid solutions for health and wellness applications, with an initial focus on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They have extensive expertise in cannabis cultivation and processing, combined with cutting-edge R&D, proprietary products and distribution, they are fully integrated across the value chain.

"Allied corp, we're a publicly traded company on the OTC Exchange under the ticker, ALID. And we were founded on a vision to bring natural health and pharmaceutical products to market to help those who have given up their lives to serve, and those being military veterans, police, fire and ambulance.

We entered Columbia, about two and a half years ago to talk with their national police service about the trauma care work. And we were doing that in Canada. And we really realized the perfect climate and temporary conditions were existing naturally in Colombia, and ran parallel, or match what the experts, producers in both the US and Canada were trying to try to create indoors. So we acquired a large production site in Colombia. And we've spent the last 14 months getting all of the tests, cultivation plots, we we've now been cleared to export product, and we're being able to produce at five cents a gram, on average, given the 12 and 12 late cycle 25 degrees Celsius all year round one season, we can harvest every Friday and provide large volumes at consistent quality. So that's Colombia."

"Now with all the actions that we've been seeing happening in the US, we've really noticed that us is on its road to becoming nationally legalized. So we started to establish a US footprint in the state of Nevada with which the close market there's no no license opportunities, no new license opportunities in that state. we've acquired a license that's triggered by the US legalization action. And we're starting to establish a production hub where Colombian product can be formulated into retail ready CBD infused products for the US market. So that's our first vertical production. So we've got large scale in Colombia, and then establishing a US footprint. I alluded to the CBD infused products. And that brings us to our second vertical of ally. And we have three brands the market currently for sale in the United States with him derived CBD, the first brand is called tactical relief. And that's it. That's the catalog of products targeted veterans, and we've got it rehydration, post hiking activity, rehydration drink, we've got a novel product which drop in a water bottle, which gives you your 35 milligrams of CBD plus all the hydration with the water and electrolytes etc."

"Our second brand is called equilibrium bio. And that brand is a catalog of athletes focused products, where again, it focuses on rehydration and recovery. The third brand is called Max, Max's anti aging and beauty, product line topicals, eye serum etc. Where we originally started that brands focused on the Asian market. We're currently selling all three in the United States. So the third and last vertical of allied is our pharmaceutical development, vertical integration only. We have started through research and development, developing genetics that were helping veterans with post traumatic stress symptoms. And so we host quarterly healing retreats where we bring real life people who have given up their lives to serve their country, and really help them back to health and wellness. And this is what my whole doctorate degree dissertation is focused on is this model of care to enable veterans to heal within community. So we've got two two cannabis products under provisional patents and, and a third most recent product, which is the silly five and formulation of microdose formulation that we've got both under provisional patents in the formulation in its trademark name, silent x. We've submitted that trademark name."

"So all three of those products we've got two patent agreements in place. One is with the University of Haifa in Israel. And that that location, we can conduct all of our animal models, pre human clinical testing, to determine the toxicology and safety and efficacy data before those products rolling to human clinical trials, which is the second agreement that we have with the pharmaceutical research company in Austria. I can conduct the human clinical trials so we see Disease target for general depression, massive global market anxiety and PTSD for those three products. We have a purposeful vision within the pharmaceutical vertical to bring these products through to human clinical phase one, and then seek a licensing deal with a big pharmaceutical partner to then bring those products to market. That's allied Corp in its entirety."

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