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CD/DVD Review: David Gilmour

Live in Gdansk



The Deal: Former Pink Floyd frontman releases first solo live album as CD/DVD set.

The Good: First and foremost it should be noted that Richard Wright, Floyd’s keyboard player that recently passed away is present on the album. Gilmour doesn’t forget where he came from — the album kicks off with “Speak To Me” and “Breathe.” The six-piece band is also joined by a 40-piece orchestral string section adding previously unknown depth to Floyd classics, such as “Comfortably Numb.” Among the Floyd tunes included here are “Time,” “Shine On You Crazy Diamond,” “Wish You Were Here.” Just one of the album’s many highlights is a 25-minute version of “Echoes.” The DVD runs nearly two hours and a 36-minute documentary is also included.

The Bad: After the album gets you going with Floyd, it takes a detour into a sea of Gilmour’s solo stuff — as expected — but he closes with another round of Floyd. However, it should be noted that the solo stuff — particularly “This Heaven” and “Take a Breath” — fits in nicely with the classics. The DVD starts with his solo work, and doesn’t include most of the classic Floyd songs. There are numerous lasers in the live show, but it’s definitely toned-down from the classic Floyd stageworks.

The Verdict: It’s not Pink Floyd, but it’s as close as we’ll get since the passing of Wright. A fantastic live set for fans of Gilmour and Floyd — definitely worth picking up. 

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