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CD review: You + Me's Rose Ave.

RCA; Release Date: Oct. 14, 2014



Early last year, Pink (Alecia Moore) brought her acrobatic tour to Time Warner Cable Arena with opening act City and Colour (Dallas Green). It seemed like a bit of an odd fit — Top 40 pop songstress with folk singer-songwriter — but most people didn't give it a second thought. Now, though, it makes a bit more sense.

Moore and Green have teamed up to release an album under the monicker You + Me. The 10 songs featured on the debut, Rose Ave., are richly beautiful in their harmonies, lyrics and presentation. For the most part, it's simple acoustic strumming or finger-picking as a backdrop to Green and Moore's vocals — and it works, brilliantly.

We all knew Moore could sing, but in this setting, her vocals are put further into the spotlight in a folk setting within which they can shine without coming across as anything "Pink" or, perhaps "Pink and that guy." Musically, the base is far closer to City and Colour than almost anything Moore has previously released. On Rose Ave., both voices serve the songs and neither singer takes away from the other or steals the focus. All songs were written by the duo except for a cover of Sade's "No Ordinary Love," given new emotional life against a sparse piano landscape.

Often, when a project comes together as a labor of love and not as a label requirement or forced combination, the music is all the better for it. The album doesn't come across as a City and Colour- or Pink-focused work — rather, a collaborative effort that stays the course and is far better than expected.

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