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CD Review: Yael Naim

Yael Naim



The Deal: Chances are, if you've turned on a TV in the last few weeks, you've heard the Israeli singer's first single, "New Soul."

The Good: The Paris-based artist shows diversity on her debut, a good deal of which is sung in Hebrew. The music on the disc is second to her vocals which are usually calm, but can be almost haunting at the right moments and transcend any language barrier. She could easily be categorized as toned-down Bjork – maybe it's the accent a moments of quirkiness. One of the highlights on the disc is a stripped-down, almost-jazzy version of Britney Spears' "Toxic" featuring Naim's vocals over a sparsely played piano. The music backing her remains basic – pianos, acoustic guitar and/or horns.

The Bad: Her song "New Soul" is all over the new MacBook Air commercial which is all over the television. Overplay can be a bad thing.

The Verdict: Call it lost in translation, but I preferred the English tracks to the Hebrew. There's more to Naim than the song from a commercial – she's got lasting quality in her voice.

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