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CD Review: Wolfmother's Cosmic Egg



The Deal: Grammy-winnning Aussie rockers return with new lineup for long-awaited sophomore album.

The Good: After two of the three members of Wolfmother jumped ship, singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale promised to keep the monicker going. It may have taken four years after the band's debut, but Wolfmother has released its follow-up and the energy of the successful debut remains intact. Stockdale's howling vocals are still present over shredding guitar riffs. The music's gotten a bit more depth to it, but not much. It also seems to have lost a touch of its commercial appeal. Where the first album had songs that were constantly all over the radio, this one isn't as hit-ready. And I'd consider that a good thing. The album focuses more on the guitar work where the band's debut had a hefty bass riff or two in there. The album's first single, "New Moon Rising," aims to prove to fans that the band hasn't changed much in its sound. One of the more mellow tracks on the album, "In the Morning," is one of the disc's best. Though it nearly rips off a Zepplin riff in the middle, the track carries the listener on a journey for nearly six minutes.

The Bad: Of course it sucks that the original lineup had to disband after just one album, but it's good that Stockdale can still make appealing music.

The Verdict: Wolfmother's first album, to many, was picking up the torch from Led Zepplin and running off with it. This one isn't quite the Zep copycat that the first one sounded like, but it still keeps the '70s rock style. It was worth the wait. The band continues its sound while displaying songwriting growth you'd expect after four years.

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