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CD Review: Various Artists: Rudo Y Cursi Soundtrack



The Deal: This recording features oldies covers, like three versions of Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me." Plus there are some new artists doing new material, like Devendra Banhart and new favorites, the Kumbia Queers. It's a Mexicentric compilation of new and old, mainly of artists doing unusual, atypical recordings.

The Good: The highlight of course is the opening track by actor and star of the movie, Gael Garcia Bernal, doing a trad ranchera version in Spanish of "I Want You to Want Me" – "Quiero Que Me Quieras." You won't believe your ears! This is one of the few times an actor pulls off and delivers a song exactly on target. Been waiting to hear music by Juana Molina and she delivers the title track as expected, in fine form. Other excellent choices on this recording feature artists like Nortec Collective and the Mexican Institute of Sound.

The Bad: A couple of sappy slow, love songs – it is a soundtrack – yet still better than most. Some Anglo artists deliver tunes that are unexpected and slightly underwhelming, but still good. I'm talking about artists like the Black Lips and Devendra Banhart doing their take on Mex classics.

The Verdict: Probably one of the better soundtracks you'll ever hear. There's a wide variety; it's contemporary and it's trad – the best of both worlds. As for me, it introduced me to the Kumbia Queers, an extraordinary Mex/Argie feminist band that excels doing kumbia covers of Nancy Sinatra and Madonna – in Spanish.

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