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CD Review: Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend



The Deal: Band with more buzz around it than the average honeycomb releases debut disc.

The Good: The quartet may have formed four days before their first gig at Columbia University, but they've come a long way since those days in '06. African rhythms stolen from the Paul Simon playbook mix with a bit of Peter Gabriel, simplistic, clean guitar riffs and the occasional calypso and/or strings. Even when it sounds like a Graceland outtake, it's still fresh. When just about every review, including this one, compares the album to Graceland, is that good or bad? It's not the strongest instrumentally or vocally, but definitely marches to the beat of its own drummer.

The Bad: No one ever likes to hear complaints about length, and this one's just too short – 11 tracks in just under 35 minutes. The name may conjure up gothic images, but this music is on the opposite side of the spectrum from Bauhaus and Marilyn Manson. The songs' lyrics can get a bit repetitive at times – "One" and "Walcott."

The Verdict: Spin has already declared them the year's best band and some are likening them to the next coming of The Strokes. Seeing as how The Strokes all but disappeared, let's hope they have a longer road ahead of them. They may be getting straight A's in their freshman year, but a sophomore slump could be waiting. Don't believe the over-hype just yet.

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