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CD Review: Tropic Culture



The Deal: Locals release debut album, Live to Love, Love to Live, on July 17, 2008.

The Good: If you were one of the many in attendance at their release party at the Visulite Theatre, you'd know it's difficult to stand still once the eight-member band starts playing. Their combination of rock, funk, jazz, reggae and Latin rhythms combine for an energetic pulse that keeps you moving. The CD does a great job of capturing that energy. Strong horn and guitar work can be heard throughout.

The Bad: Singer Alberto Espinosa may not have the strongest vocals, but they fit the groove and it's more about the music and the rhythm. There's a ton of instrumental talent in this group – horns, percussion, guitars and everything in between.

The Verdict: Another of the many bands that's better in person than on disc because of the energy and whole vibe of the show. A fantastic piece of the diverse Charlotte music scene.

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