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CD Review: Three 6 Mafia

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The Deal: The ever-depleting Three 6 Mafia is down to two members and is more a duo than it is a mob as they release a new album.

The Good: While the lyrics will always be under scrutiny, no one has ever said they weren't great producers (they have an Academy Award to prove it) and this album doesn't have a weak beat on it. Whether it was their sample of Zombie Nation's "Oh Oh Oh Oh!" or the other hard-hitting tracks on the album, you will bounce all the way through. It's always good to hear Project Pat.

The Bad: If you've heard one Three 6 Mafia album, you might as well check off all 10 on the list. They've came a long way from their When The Smoke Clears days, but the content is still the same – hoes, drugs, party, money, cars – but instead of tastefully mentioning this like most rappers, they scream (more like chant) the things they like at you (WEED, BLOW AND PILLS!) We get it guys. And while the beats are never bad, they haven't been new in a while either; a lot of this flat-out sounds the same as their old ones. It is mind-numbingly repetitive.

The Verdict: The same ol' Three 6 Mafia. Hate it, love it or shrug it. It's shamefully entertaining and borderline comedic.


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