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CD Review: The Whigs

Mission Control



The Deal: The Athens-based rusty garage rock trio releases 37-minute album blended with solid scratchy rock and rusty pop.

The Good: This album is bubbling with a fresh pot of songs that contain ingredients of '70s rock 'n' roll, Cobain-style grunge, punk, classic and indie pop rock. The band's first single "Right Hand On My Heart" is full of raw drums and shredded rocking guitar outbursts, while other tracks like "Already Young" rock solid with a blur of grunge layering. The track "Like A Vibration," is an intense laid-back rock tune with fast-flogging cymbals and drums that seem to echo what the tracks title implies, while "Need You Need You" is a heavy jam-rock track with singer/guitarist Parker Gispert exposing his cracked up screams. All throughout this album there are surprises and alterations that go from blistering garage rock to more mellow pop rounds. Some of the latter include the poppy parade drums in "I Never Want To Go Home" and horns in "I Got Ideas."

The Bad: It's really hard to find anything bad about this album. If there is anything, it's that on a couple songs the blasting choruses soak up Gispert's vocals like a sponge.

The Verdict: Filled with a chaotic spring of raw sounds, this is an album that will likely climb the charts fast. Pick it up now. They'll also be at the Visulite Theatre on Feb. 27.

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