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CD REVIEW: The Vaccines' What Do You Expect From The Vaccines?


THE DEAL: Four British guys give Yanks their debut album of refreshing indie pop.

THE GOOD: This is pop music, and in the indie music market of bear-fur-as-beards bands and heavily processed synthesizer music, The Vaccines' straightforward rhythms and Justin Young's thick baritone voice are rewardingly unpretentious. Fans of Band of Horses will like the heavy reverb and stretching drums on tracks like "All In White." The band dances on tracks like "Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)" and "Wolf Pack," but it's the slower numbers that gives this group a real cut above its competitors. "Wet Suit" builds off a beat that unmistakably keeps Phil Spector in mind. "Family Friend," the final track, yearns and climaxes into a feedback fest that's another side of the usually polished backing band.

THE BAD: The lyrics, though delivered well, read a bit uninspired on a lot of the tracks. But for lines like "It's been only a year here/but it feels like a lifetime here," there's some zingers in response like "You took a plane/I'll take a push bike."

The Verdict: There's a reason why these guys are soaring at Lollapalooza and getting taps from Rolling Stone. They're fast, refreshing with just enough retro, and I think they've got quite a few firm footholds here in the States. I will be expecting a lot from these four in the next few months.

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