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CD REVIEW: The StereoFidelics' You Are Having a Wonderful Time



THE DEAL: The StereoFidelics, a full instrumental duet from Asheville, N.C., releases its second studio album.

THE GOOD: The StereoFidelics is an indie-alt-rock band who weave reggae, jazz, '70s funk, American rock and jive talking — to name a few — into its organic instrumental choreography. Both performers juggle several instruments at a time but avoid sounding like a satirical one-man band. To fully encompass the artistry of the CD, you must understand the premeditated vision behind the heading of each track. The title track is intended to be satirical while embodying the track's mordant nature. The track is autobiographical of the calamities the band has endured while on tour, as depicted by the lyrics — an explanation of what it is like being inebriated from high-doses of administered pain-killers. The CD is driven by syncopation and sporadic artistic influence. Each track title and concept is either determined by the lyrics or the instrumental timbre — both teeter between autobiographical experience such as the title track and its creative influence, such as "Zombie Foot" — named accordingly for its repetitive baseline.

THE BAD: "The bad" is based on whether or not your aural pallet has acquired a taste for such an assorted flavor on one album.

THE VERDICT: This is some good stuff. You might experience mild mind-altering delirium from the eclectic groove of the album. Compulsive nodding and foot-tapping has also been associated with exposure to this album. Keep out of reach of children.

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