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CD Review: The Stellas



The Deal: Charlotte quartet releases debut, independently released CD, Cry Baby Cry – which was recorded and mastered by The Evening Muse's Joe Kuhlman.

The Good: Combining retro rhythms with a modern touch, The Stellas hit the ground running with their debut disc. "I'm On the Outside" almost has a Beatles groove and harmony to it, but the distortion on the guitars will make you think twice. While the band's energy level is kept high, they do find time to slow it down a bit for the title track and the formula works just as well.

The Bad: My usual complaint – it's only seven tracks in just over 22 minutes. Though if the goal is to leave you wanting more, mission accomplished.

The Verdict: No surprise that there's a lot of talk about this band going around town – and it's all good. A solid debut disc.

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