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CD REVIEW: The Spiveys' Let's Panic



Recorded by Joe Kuhlmann at 34th and Hudson Studios, The Spiveys' five-song debut EP combines solid rock 'n' roll ethos with strong songwriting and catchy hooks. Formed from the remnants of two area bands — The Stellas and You Tonight — The Spiveys fuse the best of those bands into an identity of its own. "Oh My God" teeters between clean and distorted guitar sounds while singer/guitarist Adam Middleton's serene vocal style finds the perfect balance on top. What would be a straightforward rock song finds new identity with its ending, which fuses fuzzed-out guitars into an amalgam of sound bringing it into an arena of Foo Fighters-esque rock. The band finds a bit of punk identity in "Can't Stay Here" and conjures a bit of the Beatles for its harmonies in songs like "What Was That She Said." "Lifesaver" finds its way into grunge and '90s alt-rock territory with off-tune breaks and thundering choruses. Kuhlmann's job mixing and producing the album offers maximum clarity in music and vocals while keeping the band's live energy intact. For good, or bad, the five songs included here leave the listener craving more. Luckily, they perform around town on a regular basis and the band's energetic live show is the best format to hear their music.

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