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CD Review: The Mooney Suzuki

Live June 29, 2001 – The Bowery Collection



The Deal: Live recording from the collection of the legendary club CBGB's.

The Good: The Mooney Suzuki switched on its amps in 1996 and lovingly cranked them to the max, without forgoing melody. The native N.Y.C. rockers' raucous '60s garage and '70s punk and hard rock, lit up by a raw Stones-like vibe, has a foundation of unease in every song. The band's live gigs are frenetically joyous and have a rep of making necks ache. One such gig, taped at the now-defunct CBGB's in N.Y.C., is documented on this recording. The highlights include their signature scorcher "In a Young Man's Mind," along with "I Woke up This Morning" and "Natural Fact." Caught in their primal environs, on the stage in a sweaty club, the boys heat up a hot summer night with guitars blazing. If you seek a live show by The Mooney Suzuki, then pick this disc up, pronto. The liner notes include an ode to CBGB's by The Dictators' lead singer Handsome Dick Manitoba and portions of the sales will be donated to the Hilly Kristal Foundation for Musicians and Artists.

The Bad: The sound is a tad off on the lo-fi tip, but hey, it's a live gig at a legendary venue, so that's a minor beef.

The Verdict: The Mooney Suzuki are a force to reckon with when armed with amps and guitars.

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