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CD Review: The Lights, Fluorescent



The Deal: Debut EP, Neoteny, from band made up of singer/songwriter Erika Blatnik who joins forces with former members of VIA and Frontpage. (Release party at the Milestone on Jan. 19.)

The Good: Having first heard Erika Blatnik solo and then seeing the group at a recent Evening Muse show, I wondered if the recorded version of the band would live up to the energy, excitement and power of their stage show. Believe the hype – these five tracks have all that and more. It's got an edge to it where the music isn't polished, but if you listen closely there's nothing missing. Individual notes can be heard and lyrics aren't muddied. The raw emotions of "Blue Jay" are audible, Blatnik and Robby Hartis' vocals complement each other nicely. The band's style merges indie pop with a harder edge rock and some jam-based noodling that doesn't go over the top, instead forming a easy-to-listen-to conglomerate of talent. Blatnik's vocals and lyrical style, along with a more intricate musical stylings (usually notes, not chords), give the quintet a unique quality that sets them apart from a lot of other bands.

The Bad: The only thing bad is that there aren't more tracks on the disc.

The Verdict: Five songs that leave you wanting more. This band's got legs – expect them to be around for a while.

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