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CD REVIEW: The Black Crowes' Croweology



THE DEAL: In celebration of the 20th anniversary of its debut album, The Black Crowes releases a double-acoustic set as the band tours before a planned indefinite hiatus.

THE GOOD: The album may look like a run-of-the-mill greatest hits package, but that's not the case. The band hit the studio in 2009 to put together an all-acoustic album full of the members' favorites. The set kicks off with its first hit, "Jealous Again," done well in its stripped-down version that has been slightly rearranged for a broader vocal range. It's nice to have Luther Dickinson included here to add depth to the guitars, as well. "Share the Ride" is set against a backdrop of hand claps, while "She Talks to Angels" shines like the original. The band didn't rush through the albums either; most songs are longer than five minutes and a few are over nine. The set closes with the emotional and somber "Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye."

THE BAD: That the band is planning an indefinite hiatus, but it will be stopping in Charlotte on Sept. 18 at Road Runner Mobile Amphitheatre. While billed as all-acoustic, there are moments of "electricity" throughout, though they are few and far between.

THE VERDICT: One of the best things about the album, aside from the single-album cost, is that the band didn't just gather up a bunch of tracks and package them for a double-album release. Instead, the band took the time to go into the studio and record all 20 tracks, some of which have new arrangements. Definitely a must-have for Crowes fans.

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