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CD Review: The Bird and the Bee's Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates



The Deal: Duo, The Bird and the Bee, takes on eight songs from Daryl Hall and John Oates, throws in an original.

The Good: The album starts with the original song, "Heard it on the Radio," a fitting way to launch an album of covers. First, the song fits in sonically with the rest of the disc, but it all lyrically hints to why they put the album together. "Oh, I can still remember when I heard it on the radio," Inara George sweetly sings. From there, it's all Hall & Oates. For the most part, the band has stripped down the sound to focus on simple synths and electronic drum beats behind George's vocals. There are brief harmonies sprinkled throughout and the general tunes remain intact. "I Can't Go For That" has been a part of their set for a while and was the reason they decided to tackle an album in this way. Other songs include "Rich Girl," "Sara Smile," "Maneater" and "Private Eyes."

The Bad: Instead of giving the songs more of a modern feel, the band instead decided to immerse themselves in the decade and give the songs their own '80s style.

The Verdict: Not quite sure why Hall & Oates are having such a resurgence in recent years, but here's just another sign of their overwhelming influence. It's an enjoyable nine tracks – not their best work, but it's easy listening.

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