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CD Review: The Avett Brothers



The Deal: The brothers Avett, who recently signed to American/Columbia Records, release next disc in Gleam series, The Second Gleam, out on Ramseur Records on July 22, 2008.

The Good: Like The Gleam before it, the CD features six songs done simply by Scott and Seth Avett. It's a toned-down sound from the familiar Avett albums as it's simply acoustic guitar and their vocals. The album looks at themes of love, family, loss and others that come through simply, but as heartfelt as can be.

The Bad: Fans may complain that there are only six songs, but it's a nice accompaniment to the duo's other recording efforts. Nothing to complain about, really ...

The Verdict: On its own, the album may sound like another acoustic duo, but coming from the successful Avetts, the album instead shows another side to the brothers' songwriting and singing abilities like most rock bands who release an "unplugged" album. Their next effort is being produced by Rick Rubin – I can hardly wait!

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