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CD Review: Tantric

The End Begins



The Deal: Tantric releases first album marking the end of an entire line-up and beginning front-man Hugo Ferreira's total-band reconstruction.

The Good: New members reinvigorate Tantric's earthly sound. Kevin Miller of Fuel is on drums, Joe Pessia plays rhythm guitar, Erik Leonhardt is on bass and provides back-up vocals with Marcus Ratzenboeck unleashing the violin. There's something romantic about "The End is Begining" and this comeback – Ferreira's lyrics are the story-telling type this time around, but, maybe it's just the violin making me weepy.

The Bad: Kevin Martin from Candlebox does an amazing job changing the pace on "The One," – even though I thought he was Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine at first – but the album is lacking an "umph" that we've previously seen from songs like "Breakdown."

The Verdict: This feels more personal than Tantric's first two albums. The new lineup has a lot to work with and needs some time to evolve. Let's hope the pilot project, "The End Begins," is as literal as Ferreira's lyrics and marks the beginning of that process.

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